Students will have the chance to participate in short day trips and activities in addition to the lectures. These activities will help enhance the Korean experience and provide ample opportunities for discussion among students. All activities are scheduled during Fridays and weekends, when students do not have to attend classes. All field trips are free of charge for HESS-students. On top of these field trips more activities and events are organized.

Welcome Party

Join the welcome party and meet friends from all around the world! Many fun events and activities are organized.

DMZ Visit

DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)
Visit the most heavily guarded border in the world. This is a place where time has stood still for over half a century and where old scars are still visible.

Boryeong Mud Festival

At the Boryeong Mud Festival, take a ride down one of the giant mud slides, compete in a mud wrestling contest, escape a mud prison, or just revitalize your skin with a mud bath. It’s all clean fun at the Boryeong Mud Festival!

Everland / Caribbean Bay

Everland is one of Korea’s most popular amusement parks. Signature attractions such as the T-Express make Everland a popular destination for a day trip. Meanwhile, Caribbean Bay just next door is one of Korea’s biggest water parks. On a hot summer day, Caribbean Bay is the perfect place to cool down.