Students will have the chance to participate in short day trips and activities in addition to the lectures. These activities will help enhance the Korean experience and provide ample opportunities for discussion among students. All activities are scheduled during Fridays and weekends, when students do not have to attend classes. All field trips are free of charge for HISS-students. On top of these field trips more activities and events are organized.

Welcome Party

Party at a cruise along the Han river. Enjoy the beautiful skyline and party into the night with your peers aboard the Han River Cruise!

  • Activity Date : July 4/5
  • Activity Time : Evening ( 7:30 – 10:30 PM)
  • Welcome to Seoul, the city that never sleeps! Enjoy the night view of Seoul skyline aboard. The night of the crazy dance party is awaiting! Join us for free snacks, free drinks, and games!

  • Since alcoholic beverages are provided at a party, under the Korean Law, minors (Born in 2000 or after) may be restricted from some activities during the event.

Nanta Show

If you’re hungry for comedic entertainment, feast your eyes on this delightful rhythmic treats! A variety of percussion sights and sounds will have your toes tapping and sides aching with laughter!

  • Official Website :
  • Activity Venue : Myeong-dong
  • Activity Date : July 5
  • Activity Time : 2 PM
    (Late entry -after 1:55 PM- is NOT ALLOWED. First-come, first-served seats)

SM-Town Experience

Want to record like Exo? Dance like BTS? Get made-up like Twice? Then be sure to visit SM Town! From the hologram musical to the chance to be in the shoes of a K-pop star.

  • Official Website :
  • Activity Venue : Samsung Station(Line #2)
  • Activity Date : July 6
  • Activity Time : 11 AM
    (Late entry -after 10:55 AM- is NOT ALLOWED. First-come, first-served seats. Admission for Museum will be also distributed with the Musical Ticket. No show to musical = No museum.)
  • In order to prevent any inconvenience caused by a big crowd in the museum, the number of visitors entering at the same time is limited. Based on the arrival time to receive the musical ticket, the entry time for the museum will be decided. The entry for the museum will be between 1 – 2 PM, every 30 minutes.

Everland / Caribbean Bay

Everland is Korea‘s largest amusement park and the neighboring Caribbean Bay is a water park favorite for all ages. Both are enjoyed any time of year. Come and see for yourself!

  • Official Website :
  • Activity Date : July 12
  • Activity Time : One full day
    (Caribbean Bay : 7:45 – 16:30 / Everland : 8:45 – 17:30, arriving at Hanyang about an hour after departure depending on traffic conditions)
    Only pre-applicants (please mark in the option during the selection of activities) may return individually after the official returning time. In this case, transportation back home will NOT be provided.
  • An admission ticket will be given on the way to the venue, for this reason, individual travelers are not allowed. Please be on time as the bus will not wait for you!
  • Transportation, Entrance Fee Included.

Boryeong Mud Festival

Cleanse your skin with good old fashioned dirty fun! Boryeong mud is known to contain properties that rejuvenates the skin. The festival is packed with fun-filled activities from mud skiing to mud wrestling!

  • Official Website :
  • Activity Venue : Boryeong
  • Activity Date : July 19/20
  • Activity Time : One full day (7:45 – 18:30, arriving at Hanyang about two hours after departure depending on traffic conditions.)
  • Transportation, Lunch & Dinner(vegetable option available), Entrance Fee Included.
  • For the safety reason, traveling individually from/to campus is strictly prohibited.