HISS 2017 Course List



09:00AM – 12:00PM


1:00PM – 4:00PM


4:00PM – 7:00PM


  • All courses are 3 credits except for Taekwondo (1 credit).
  • Each course is taught 3 hours per day, for 15 days during the program.
  • Courses are taught From Monday through Thursday. No classes on Fridays and weekends.
  • Course list and schedule is tentative and subject to change.
  • General Physics 1/2, General Biology 1, Korean History & Culture, Beginning(Intermediate) Korean Language는 한양대학교 재학생들의 수강이 제한됩니다.

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Title Code Schedule Syllabus
Art of Self Defense (Taekwondo) ISS1017 A E  
Ceramic Arts ISS1056 M A E  
Fashion Design for Well-being (seminar) ISS1088 A  
History of Western Theater 1 D-C3031 A  
Innovative Design Studio  ISS1026 M A  
Introduction to Computer Graphics  ISS1092 M  
Korean Traditional Fan Dance ISS1058 M A  
Method Acting on Stage 1 VOC2067 E  
Title Code Schedule Syllabus
Business Communication BUS2025 M A E  
Cross-cultural Documentary Research and Production ISS1003 A  
Digital Studio ISS1076 M  
International Advertising and Communication ISS1011 M  
Introduction to Advertising JOU2001 A  
Negotiation and Dispute Resolution DIS2015 E  
Photo and Video Journalism ISS1060 A  
Professional Academic English GEN6032 M A  
Seminar: Media Industry in Korea ISS1006 E  
Techno English Presentation Skills CUL6034 M A  
Understanding a Visual Language in Film and Other Media ISS1004 M  
Title Code Schedule Syllabus
Accounting DIS2052 M  
Basic Business Statistics BUS2065 A  
Business Law ISS1007 E  
Consumer Behavior BUS3014 A  
E Commerce Theory ITE4031 M  
Entrepreneurship Management and Human Development ISS1042 A  
Financial Management (M. Lee) BUS3002 A  
Financial Management (J. Peterson) BUS3002 M  
Foreign Exchange TBA  
Fundamentals of Business Start-up  ISS1089 E  
Human Resource Management DIS4002 M  
International Business BUS3009 A  
International Finance ECO4003 M  
International Marketing DIS3022 E  
Introduction to Econometrics ECO1020 E  
Introduction to Marketing APS2009 M  
Investments  SYB2060 A  
Macroeconomics PPL3012 A  
Microeconomics DIS3010 E  
Money and Banking ECO3003 M  
Organizational Behavior BUS3003 A  
Principles of Management GEN6060 M A E  
Strategic Management BUS4019 M A  
The Story of Money TBA  
Title Code Schedule Syllabus
Understanding Education CUL2018 E  
Title Code Schedule Syllabus
C++ Programming ITE1010 E  
Engineer and Society ISS1041 M A E  
Heat Transfer MEE4001 A  
Impact of Electromagnetic Radiation ISS1044 M  
Introduction to Computer Science CSE1002 A  
Operations Research TBA  
Project Management ISS1013 M A  
Title Code Schedule Syllabus
Psychology of Leisure and Tourism TOU3040 A  
Tourism and Recreation ISS1034 E  
Title Code Schedule Syllabus
International Organizations ISS1102 A  
International Relations DIS2005 E  
Title Code Schedule Syllabus
Korean Language 1 (Beginning) ISS1081 M A E  
Korean Language 2 (Beginning) ISS1082 M A E  
Korean Language 3 (Intermediate) ISS1083 M  
Korean Language 4 (Advanced) ISS1083 TBA  
Gender and Korean Society ISS1080 E  
International Relations in East Asia PSD2022 A  
Korean Cinema and Modernization PER2035 A  
Korean Grammatical Structure KOR2049 A  
Korean History and Culture DIS2046 E  
Language, Culture and Society in Korea ISS1046 M  
Look around you. Language and City. ISS1093 E  
North Korean Politics & Society PSD4025 M  
Topics in Korean Arts and Society ISS1051 M  
Title Code Schedule Syllabus
Applied Mathematics for Computer Science TBA
Calculus 1 GEN2052 A  
Calculus 2 GEN2053 E  
General Biology 1 GEN0074 M  
General Physics 1 GEN0063 A  
General Physics 2 GEN0064 E  
Human Anatomy ISS1095 M  
Numerical Analysis MAT3008 M  
Principles of Nutrition ISS1096 A  
Title Code Schedule Syllabus
Abnormal Psychology Across Cultures  ISS1097 A  
Adulthood and Aging ISS1090 M  
New Neighbors: Refugees and Immigrants ISS1094 E  
Hotel Management TOU2005 A  
Introducing Psychology PAD1055 E  
Introduction to Sociology SOC1054 M  
Mind-body Health ISS1078 E  
Multicultural Psychology  ISS1098 A  
Psychology of Women  ISS1099 A  
Operations Research  ISS1100 E  
Research Methods DIS2004 A  
Sociology of Religion  ISS1101 A