Non-Partner University Students

  • Application Fee ₩100.000

  • Tuition ₩3,000,000
  • 3 Free activities
  • Accommodation ₩550,000 – ₩750,000


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Students from non-partner universities are eligible for these scholarships: Early Registration Scholarship, Academic Excellence Award, HISS/HIWS Alumni Scholarship or Hanyang Family Scholarship.

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Partner University Students

  • Application Fee ₩100.000

  • Tuition ₩1,800,000
  • 3 Free activities
  • Accommodation ₩550,000 – ₩750,000


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Students from active partner universities are eligible for 40% discount on tuition fees. Other scholarships are not available for students from partner universities.

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  • Regardless of the number of courses you enroll in, the tuition remains the same.
  • Fees need to be paid in South-Korean Won (KRW).
  • In case transferring in KRW is unavailable, please use the current exchange rate and transfer in US Dollars (USD).
  • All transaction fees (sending/receiving) should be paid by the sending party.
  • In case of sending more/less, we will reimburse or collect upon students’ arrival.

Application & Payment Procedure

  1. Your application will be reviewed within 3 working days after you have submitted your online application.
  2. After your application has been reviewed, you are accepted under the condition that the payment will be completed within 30 days after the application date.
  3. Bank information
    Bank name: SHINHAN Bank, Hanyang University Branch
    Bank address: Hanyang University 15-1 Haengdang-dong Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Korea
    Recipient: Hanyang University
    Account number: visible on the top of your application form.
    Payment deadline is 30 days after your application date, but no later than May 31. Keep in mind that international transfers might take several days to be received. Payment are being checked by date of receiving, not date of sending.
  4. Once your payment has been successfully received, your status will change to “Admitted”. Now your application is complete and you will be able to see your Hanyang Student ID number which is needed for course registration. More information regarding this will be shared by email.

Refund Policy

As a special promotion to all students of HISS 2019, the application of KRW 100,000 is waived. However, the application fee will be still charged in case of program withdrawal. Until May 31, tuition is fully refundable (minus the charges for transfer). From June 1 to June 30,only partial refund of 50% is possible. From July 1, the first day of program, refund is not possible. The optional fees (housing, airport pickup, etc.) are fully refundable until May 15. After that date the fees are non-refundable due to reservations which have to be made.

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